It was a delicious exploration into one’s own psyche and the divine feminine, and ultimately nudges participants towards a rich and meaningful experience of loving self-care. Keeley is a goddess of holding space and allows you to feel truly held throughout the process. I feel lucky to have had the opportunity to work with her. If this program makes you feel any inkling of resonance or curiosity, then I say emphatically to you: You. Deserve. This. 

Candace, Canada

I gained a tremendous amount of insight and feel immense gratitude for having this opportunity. This course came right in time of my graduation from college and I feel that it has helped sharpen my intuitive listening and in propelling me directly onto my path. Hannah, USA



As somebody who finds it difficult to open up, I felt comfortable enough to do so during our sessions. 
Keeley helped me to look at different things that were holding back in a very supportive and encouraging manor. There were times I may have drifted from the real issue, but Keeley always managed to guide me through and keep me on track.
I was given the opportunity to really explore my blocks in a way that was non-judgemental, something I really appreciated throughout! Dawn, UK

1 on 1’s were so powerful and useful and they worked so well coincided with the course, they gave me a big leap forward and worked so well with the course. The extra time to focus on myself was so important, with your guidance, my life changed in so many ways I didn’t expect it to. At first i thought i don’t need it (the extra mentoring) but it was really powerful to give myself that gift. It was so helpful and freeing. I feel less fearful, more free, more trusting. It been such been such an incredible investment - i think everyone should do it, it’s been a real turning point in my life. Trust your gut - go for it - what are you waiting for? you won’t regret it. Vale, UK

It was such a fun and informative course! Keeley is a lovely teacher who is always willing to answer your questions, and always has such informative answers. The content in this course helped me to get clearer on how to use my own moon cycle as a guide in my personal schedule and my own business. It also helped to encourage me to trust my inner goddess more, and gave me tools to tap into that inner knowing! I’m still using the tools, and knowledge I learned during the course, and expect I will for a long time to come. Toni, Canada