As a result of doing this deep powerful work, here's some of what you can expect:

  • Certainty of your path, purpose & how to move forward to create the life you know you want (which means no more feeling stuck, confused or over analysing every decision you make),
  • A deep soul-level sense of self-worth, profound self-esteem & radical self-acceptance (which means no more feeling like you're not worthy or enough for abundant amounts of love, success & wealth to come your way),
  • Creative insight, freedom & total artistic liberation so that you feel fulfilled & expressed in the world (which means no more being run by the internal prison in your mind that makes up all of your limitations and excuses),
  • Profoundly intense amounts of love & compassion flowing your way, from yourself AND others (which means no more bullshit relationships or self-sabotage),
  • Your mind being expanded & blasted open at the realisation of your own magnificence & brilliance as a woman (which means daily hits of intuitive insight & guidance no more hiding your gifts & playing small in the world).


When you undertake a program like this you are leading the revolution of your own life.


You are saying to the world - I take a stand for my worth, and for the worth of all my sisters, mothers, grandmothers, and daughters in the world who cannot. Who were not able to.


It is a radical act to take; to say no to the status-quo, to refuse to be defined & rejected & humiliated by a society that does not see or value you.



Here's what you'll learn in Night  School...

Week 0: Intention setting with The New Moon - be guided through a powerful experience of connecting with the archetype of The New Moon in Gemini in a Wild Woman New Moon Circle & set your intentions for the program.

Week 1: The Modern Mystic - learn how to apply the basics of astrology to your own birth-chart & learn what your sun, moon & rising signs are & what they mean for your life, explore other divination tools including pendulums & oracle cards.

Week 2: Moon Magic - learn how to track your cycle & harmonise your life in tune with your own natural rhythms and those of the Moon, you will gain a deep understanding of why The Moon is your greatest teacher as a woman & how to embody her wisdom in your everyday life. 

Week 3: Returning Home - this week will focus on developing extraordinary self-love & self-care in your life & healing your own deep feminine wound & (her)story. Learn how to mother yourself & be free from any entanglements still holding you back.

Week 4: The Sacred Messenger - dive deep into your own story to discover your unique magic & gifts for the world - you are the goldmine - what is the powerful message that only you can deliver to the world? What are your core values & beliefs?

Week 5: Slaying Dragons - overcome any residual ego fears & blocks that still arise, deepen your commitment to yourself & learn how to embody & work different Goddess energies & archetypes to powerfully move forward. 

Week 6: Opening to Receive - what is your relationship to money & where are you blocking yourself from receiving abundance in your life? Learn how to develop a powerful healthy relationship to being supported so that you can really create the life you desire for yourself. 

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