But hang on, who are you and why would I take this program with you now?

Well that's a really great question to be asking, and I suppose you could say my entire life thus far has been leading up to this exact moment...

You see, the work that I teach, I didn't make it up myself - I'm Keeley by the way - I just experienced it in a real deep and profound way. It's actually been known by women since time immemorial but has been so feared it has only been taught in secret, underground, and thus lost to mainstream society.

It's our right of passage as women - we are naturally deeply intuitive & powerfully creative beings (we can create human life right?!) that are cyclic like The Moon and The Earth, but because we live in a "patriarchal" society that values logic, and rational thought, and linear systems & structures over feminine gifts like intuition we quickly learn to over identify with the masculine parts within ourselves. 

This was very blatant in my own life because my parents separated when I was 4 and I went to live with my Dad and developed a very painful & challenging relationship with my Mother over the next 20 years. 

I excelled academically & at sports because my Dad wanted me to, but by the time I was a teenager my life was absolute chaos. I drank, smoked, was in a deep dark depression, was overweight, hated my body & my life and hung around teenage lads (who were vile) because I was a tomboy & didn't like or trust women as much as I did men. 

By the time I was 22 I had graduated with a first class degree in chemistry and pursued a career as a scientist & academic - because those were real things of great worth in the world. I also was more attractive than I had been as a teenager but inside I was still suffering with intense anxiety & sadness. 

I had chosen horrendous romantic relationships even though my intuition told me not to, because my self esteem was so low. My periods were all over the place & I suffered with extreme PMS & period pain, and I realised that I deeply hated being a woman, I blamed my mum for ruining my life and I thought I was destined to be neurotic & unhappy forever.

As I hit rock bottom - a time when I wanted to sob my entire being into the ground and become one with the earth - I discovered a woman called Clarissa Pinkola Estes and I made the decision to leave my job and travel around Europe on a whim. As I listened to hundreds of hours of her audio courses, my heart started to heal, and I began to make my way home to myself.

In the years that followed, my healing & awakening deepened & I met more & more teachers along the way, each with their gift for me in my reconciliation & healing with my deep feminine wound.

I realised that the 'masculine' path to success I had chosen would never fulfil me until I fully integrated & honoured my feminine - which I had rejected so strongly early on.

As a result of doing this deep inner work, I was able to allow myself to be in the most beautiful relationship with my soul-mate (because I finally loved myself enough to do so), I stopped being in constant fear/ self-doubt/ indecision because I learnt how to harness my intuition and powerfully trust myself & as a result, I found my life's true path & calling (i.e. this work). I know and love who I am as a powerful strong woman, and I want that for you too. 

This journey that I describe is not my journey alone, it is the path of every woman.

While the nuances of our stories may be different, the crux of it is the same. It is the path known as The Heroine's Journey and Night ☽ School is a deep exploration into your own feminine awakening & returning home to yourself...