Night ☽ School

Let me introduce you to Night ☽ School, my brand new program that guides women through their own journey of self-discovery & lands them in a neon pink cloud of self-love, self-appreciation and radical self-acceptance from which everything in their entire life falls into place.

We track the steps that each woman must take on her path to healing & reintegrating the deep feminine power that exists at her core. 

When a woman deeply knows and loves herself, powerful things happen... 

  • she no longer engages in self-destructive, abusive or painful relationships with other people because she is committed to herself first & foremost,
  • she no longer feels stuck, lost or confused in her path because she knows exactly who she is & trusts herself completely,
  • she no longer feels unworthy or incapable or great success because she knows her birthright is as a powerful creatrix of her own reality. 

This course is not just theory. It is a deep powerful transformational experience that integrates this knowing deep into your body & soul so that you leave as a more wholesome & nourished version of you. 


You are the Heroine of your own life's story.


You probably feel these 2 things:

  1. that you're a bit crazy because your experiences don't quite add up to the concept of reality handed to you by your family/culture/religion, and

  2. that something about this work is scary/dangerous because, let's face it, the history of free-thinking, independent, nature-loving women has been one of persecution & something to be feared. 

It's ok to fully be you now though.

This is a safe space for you to finally come home to yourself and honour your power as a woman. 

If you've ever had the experience of being a tom-boy, having more lad mates than girl mates, and generally having a deep mis-trust of women then that is a sure fire sign that you have some deep feminine healing to do. Same if you've ever had trouble with your menstrual life - PMS, irregularities, pain - this work changes your life in miraculous ways you can't even begin to imagine right now...

Other side effects of Night ☽ School can include: increased abundance, increased connection to the Moon, deeper more meaningful relationships & a life path & purpose that finally makes sense.  


It's time to become awakened to your magnificence, experience yourself as A powerful & confident woman, and radiate the beauty & wisdom that lives in your bones...