Are you drawn to mystical arts but wonder if you're just making stuff up in your head?

Are you fascinated by all things Moon & Astrology but worry that if you actually said it out loud you'd be certified bonkers?

If you're reading this, you've probably been on a deep healing journey for most of your adult life, in one way or another, searching for answers and meaning, and trying anything for a glimpse of inner peace. 

Yoga, meditation, therapy, reiki, energy healing, EFT, mindfulness, the list goes on... They all give you something, but deep at your core it still lingers, the lack of self confidence, the self-doubt, the shame.

Secretly, deep down, you think that there is just something fundamentally wrong with you. Maybe you tell yourself it's because of your crazy upbringing, your parents, your mother, the place & culture you were born into, or other relationships & experiences you've had in your life. 

You don't want to blame anyone. SO you just get on with life. But there's always an inner conflict going on between your head & heart.

The truth is, you long to come home to yourself. You long to know yourself, and love yourself. You long to heal whatever it is that has blocked you from doing that for nearly your whole life.  

You crave a bigger life, a life of creative freedom, travel, success, meaning, connection but you know that the mainstream patriarchal path leaves you feeling empty, unfulfilled & robbed of your soul.

You're being called to a different path but it feels scary, unknown. Yet exciting too. 

You're fascinated by Mystic practices, you want to learn how to use those Oracle cards on your bookshelf & really hone your innate gifts, talents & feminine super powers.

You know at your essence you are a powerful woman and you crave to be that confident successful version of yourself. 

You want to learn how to harness the power of your intuition & let go of all the fears, blocks & limiting beliefs that are holding you back.

It's time to go on that journey together. You're ready...