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Q: Can I join the program if I am on the pill or taking any other form of hormonal birth control?

A: Yes! You can definitely harness the power of the Moons Cycles if you are using hormonal birth control. The course will help you connect more deeply to your own feminine cycles & your body's innate feminine wisdom.

Q: I can't afford it right now, will you run the course again later in the year?

A: Can you afford to wait to unleash your feminine superpowers on the world & start living the creative powerful feminine life you deserve for less than the price of a night away? I didn't think so.

Q: What if I can't make the calls live?

A: The calls will be recorded & you will have access to them (forever!) so you can listen afterwards at your convenience. If you have questions, you can submit them to me before the call & I will answer them on the call. 

Q: I'm pregnant (or thinking of becoming pregnant), how will the course affect me?
A: The truth is that I don't know. I have never been pregnant my self so I can't answer this from experience. You can still powerfully work with the Moons Cycles & I expect that this deep feminine kind of work would be very potent to do during the phenomenal act of growing another human life. You amazing creature you! 

Q: I'm a busy woman yo, how much work do I need to dedicate to this each week?
A: As much or as little as you like. Ideally 1-2 hours per week. Live calls & Moon Circles will be between 2 hours every other week, if you can't stay for the full shabang you can jump on & get your Q answered (or email it to me before) then get back to your busy life. All calls will be recorded. Weekly lessons are around 30 minute + an exercise to complete. Also spending some time in the FB group (10 mins here & there) connecting with other sisters would be lovely. 

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