Here's How It Works...

Each week a new module is released (there are 5 in total). Each module includes a video, audio, Goddess meditation and PDF workbook to guide you through the materials as well as bonus meditations & talks. 

The program starts with a New Moon TeleCircle where you will be guided to set your intentions for the course & (virtually) meet your course sisters. 

There will be a live call at the Full Moon where you will receive individual guidance & feedback from me, get your questions answered & connect & share in sisterhood. 

A private Facebook group is open for you to share the journey with other sisters who have been through or are going through the program. You will also get direct support from me & all your questions answered.  

How Much Is The Investment?

£375 Full Price

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£249 Pay In Full


3 payments of £99

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(for committed, vibrant Moon Magic ladies only)

If you are absolutely ready to commit to yourself & your growth as a vibrant powerful woman & you know that you truly desire 1 on 1 support then I invite you to email me at expressing your interest.

You get access to the full self study program plus:

  • 6 x 60 minute 1 on 1 private sessions where we will dive deep into whatever it is that you're working on that week, be it:
    • discovering your life purpose,
    • developing your intuition,
    • figuring out your next career step,
    • creative strategising for your life or business,
    • deep emotional & spiritual healing,
    • self-care.
  • 1 x 30 minute Astrology reading to get you clued up on the major themes & archetypes playing out in your life, and to basically help you understand on a deep level, why you are who you are.  
If you show up & do the work it is almost impossible to remain stuck, lost or confused in your life because this work is SO transformational on a deep level! 

How Much Is The VIP Track Investment?

Over £2000 worth of value for just £750!

Offer Price £750

(payment plans available)

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Want to know what other women are saying about Moon Magic? 

Here is a selection of responses directly taken from our feedback survey...

Q: Why did you decide to take the Moon Magic course?


QWhat were 3 things you got from taking the Moon Magic course?


Q: Can you remember any doubts or fears you had when you were thinking of signing up?


Q: In one line, what would you say to a woman thinking of doing the Moon Magic course?


Q: Did you experience a stronger connection to your intuition as a result of taking Moon Magic?


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I joined the course because I was in need of some spiritual support & I was also interested in healing my relationship with my periods. What I got from the course was support, acceptance and growth. I learnt that we work in a cyclical way and to be more accepting of that & that the moon, other women and ourselves have so much wisdom, if only we take the time to listen. I would say to any woman thinking of doing the course absolutely do it & I especially enjoyed the live calls! Thanks for creating a brilliant course and for all your love and support. Its such a great group to be a part of. Lots of love & gratitude. Charley, UK

I have love, love, LOVED my time with you and the other women. Working on the materials every night keeps me centred and I genuinely look forward to spending time with myself and making deeper connections to my intuition and wisdom. I have worked through some deep healing and will continue to do so - the materials you have provided through this course will continue to help me with that. I had looked everywhere - therapy, massage, chiropractor, body talk, intellectual reading - to find the tools I needed to self-heal and thank god I found them in this course! Lots of love back to you, Keeley :)
Christina, Music Teacher, Canada

I found the moon magic course a wonderful experience! 
Having never tracked my cycle before, I now understand how important it is to work with my energy levels and moods throughout the month. From the amazing meditations to listening to the calls, it was such a thought provoking experience. 
Thank you Keeley it was great! Dawn, UK

I gained a tremendous amount of insight and feel immense gratitude for having this opportunity. This course came right in time of my graduation from college and I feel that it has helped sharpen my intuitive listening and in propelling me directly onto my path. 
Hannah, USA

It was a delicious exploration into one’s own psyche and the divine feminine, and ultimately nudges participants towards a rich and meaningful experience of loving self-care. Keeley is a goddess of holding space and allows you to feel truly held throughout the process. I feel lucky to have had the opportunity to work with her. If this program makes you feel any inkling of resonance or curiosity, then I say emphatically to you: You. Deserve. This. 
Candace, Canada

1 on 1’s were so powerful and useful and they worked so well with the course, they gave me a big leap forward. The extra time to focus on myself was so important, with your guidance, my life changed in so many ways I didn’t expect it to. At first i thought i don’t need it (the extra mentoring) but it was really powerful to give myself that gift. It was so helpful and freeing. I feel less fearful, more free, more trusting. It been such been such an incredible investment - i think everyone should do it, it’s been a real turning point in my life. Trust your gut - go for it - what are you waiting for? you won’t regret it. 
Vale, UK

It was such a fun and informative course! Keeley is a lovely teacher who is always willing to answer your questions, and always has such informative answers. The content in this course helped me to get clearer on how to use my own moon cycle as a guide in my personal schedule and my own business. It also helped to encourage me to trust my inner goddess more, and gave me tools to tap into that inner knowing! I’m still using the tools, and knowledge I learned during the course, and expect I will for a long time to come. 
Toni, Canada