Imagine this for a nice cup of afternoon tea with the Queen...

  • no more feeling stuck, lost or confused with your life path & get ready for only instead knowing exactly what the f you're here to do,
  • turn self-doubt & depreciation into radical self-love - look in the mirror and feel like a Goddess regardless of whether you've eaten carbs or not,
  • wave goodbye to irregular periods & PMS symptoms that leave you wondering if you've been possessed & say hello to LOVING every part of your monthly cycle,
  • forever end the need to over give & people please as you sister learn how to receive abundantly & give to yourself all the love & attention you crave,
  • let go of fear holding you back from fully shining your light on the world & gain the confidence, radiance & magnetism to create & attract opportunities you desire.

That all sounds pretty awesome right? 

Well that's just the beginning, you can also expect to:

  • sync your life with the cycles of the Moon & Earth so that you're always in tune with the heart beat of the cosmos,
  • receive messages from nature (& maybe even in your tea leaves) so you always feel supported & guided,
  • hear your intuition clear & strong so that you always know what to do & when to do it,
  • tune deeply into your souls purpose & highest calling so that you can start sharing your unique gifts with the world,
  • develop your feminine leadership qualities that the world is crying out for combining compassion & strength.


This is available to every woman when she realigns with her cyclic feminine nature & makes the journey home to herself.

And it's what will happen when you embark upon:

HELLO! I'm Keeley Tomkinson - your Moon Magic hostess.

I started on this journey right where you are now - following a deep inexplainable call to learn about the Moon & her cycles.

In my previous life I was an academic researcher & a scientist, so Moon Magic & Feminine Super Powers weren't exactly the obvious progression.

But never the less, there I was, taking courses & learning about Moon Cycles, Feminine Mysticism & the Wild Woman Archetype.

I studied lunar Astrology, ran New Moon Circles & became aligned with my own Womb Wisdom.

I learnt how to work with the Moon Cycles to masterfully create the life which I truly desired - one filled with meaning & purpose (& psychedelic cats!).

I healed my PMS, period pain & "mother wound", regulated my sporadic periods & uncovered my hidden super powers that exist within each phase of my cycle that I am now able draw upon whenever I want.

It is now my mission to share these life changing practices with as many other women as possible.

The Moon Magic practices that I teach you in this program are so transformational yet so simple.

When you start working with them it is like returning home, because deep down you are remembering that which you already know.

By completing this program & developing your Moon Magic, you will start to attract more & more synchronicities into your life & find the richness of life that you long for. 

Pretty cool right? ->