Discover how to harness your body's natural rhythms to create a life of fun, flow and magic!


  • Suffer from super painful or irregular periods that leave you scrunched up over the sofa with a hot water bottle unable to move?


  • Feel like you're wading through mental treacle, unable to get things done at your usual rate and start to worry that you're falling behind or not doing "enough"?


  • Feel irritable & start arguments with your spouse for seemingly no apparent reason and then immediately regret being so snappy?


  • Make strong intentions to stick to your healthy eating plans, diet or exercise regime but then the week before your period it all goes out the window and you'd fight someone to death over a chocolate bar? 


You're in the right place, sister - I've got you...

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THE GOOD NEWS... It’s not your fault!

Your struggle with your menstrual cycle doesn't mean that there’s something fundamentally wrong with you! Many women experience these same problems but just think that it's the norm and there's nothing they can do about it. 


If you've already tried:

  • "man-ing" up and powering on through
  • eating a super clean raw food diet
  • every supplement you can get your hands on

But you still find yourself feeling let down by your body and unable to get your PMS in order...



There is another way ->

IMAGINE, if instead of hiding away for 2 weeks per month you could...

  • Breeze through the month without pin-balling emotions, no longer being thrown off kilter from PMS or period pain


  • Progress leaps and bounds in your business or your career because you're capitalising on your body's natural rhythms, knowing EXACTLY where to put your efforts and WHEN to get more done, without the hustle or stress


  • Feel balanced and in control of your life & never again feeling rushed, overwhelmed, or like you're on the verge of burnout


  • Live life tapped into an unstoppable flow of intuition, creativity & inspiration, leaving behind the self-doubt & uncertainty


It's totally possible and I'll show you how ->

Introducing Moon Magic Womb Magic

The ultimate self-care system designed to take you from doubled over in pain every month, to living freely as your most creative, in-tune and wisest self!

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Moon Magic Womb Magic fuses modern transformational healing practices with ancient wisdom to create the ultimate self-care system for the modern woman.

This ancient wisdom has been known by women since time immemorial, but has been lost and forgotten by all but a few which is why so many women are currently in a state of frustration regarding their menstrual cycle.

"Do you really believe that women are just supposed to suffer for 2 weeks out of every 4? (HINT: the answer is NO)"

Working together, you'll learn how to use the incredible power of your natural rhythm to release the pains or patterns which may have been blocking you from living the life you really want, allowing your body to find it's feminine essence so that you can finally be at home in your body


How it works

The program is completely tailored to meet your personal needs, however, topics included can cover...

How to understand and track your (moon) cycle so you'll capitalize on your body's natural rhythms to maximise creativity & productivity

How to relieve your PMS symptoms by unlocking the beliefs and patterns that may have been holding it in place

How to take the reigns of your life while embodying your feminine energy so that everything flows easily and you're not in a constant up hill struggle to get things done

How to create healthy boundaries so that you can ask for what you want out of life, and get it, while maintaining a high level of self care for yourself

How to tap straight into your intuition, bypassing the emotional clutter so you can stop battling with yourself and start trusting your instincts

How to communicate effectively with those around you to enjoy harmonious relationships while remaining true to yourself 

The Investment

Starting from $500 per month

Weekly coaching calls (45 min)

+ Personalised notes & guidance after each session

Want a chat with me first?

Book your FREE "back in the flow" call with me today & FIND OUT IF THIS IS THE PROGRAM FOR YOU



  • Private weekly coaching calls where we will release beliefs and patterns that could be causing your PMS and create a plan that allows you to always work in tune with your natural rhythms.


  • Guidance on charting your menstrual cycle so that you'll always know exactly where you are in your cycle so you can schedule your life to work most effectively with your feminine rhythms.


  • Personalised notes sent after each session so you have a record of our time together detailed with your key learnings and your suggested practices to work on for that week.


Is your method diet and meditation?

My approach is not from a nutritional perspective although we will discuss eating & meditation practices throughout the program. During the program we will focus primarily on emotional healing to create a new and empowering belief system and attitude towards your menstrual cycle so that you no longer feel that it controls your life in a negative way. A result of the program is that you will become directly aligned with your body's wisdom and deeply connected to your intuition meaning that you will learn to listen to exactly what your body desires including it's needs for food and/or meditation practice. 


I’m currently taking the pill/ have a coil fitted/ use the contraceptive injection (or any other form of hormonal menstrual management) - can I still take your program?

This program is designed to work with the body’s natural healing mechanisms and therefore works best when the body is experiencing it’s natural menstrual cycle rather than one that is controlled by synthetic hormones. If you are using any of the above but would like to return to your natural menstrual cycle and are still interested in the program then I encourage you to book a clarity call to see if this program could be the right fit for you.


I don't have periods anymore, can I still take your program?

If you don't currently menstruate you can still take our program if you have a deep desire to learn about the natural feminine cycles. You will learn how to integrate feminine ways of being into your lifestyle for maximum fulfilment and success. If this is what you're looking for, I encourage you to apply.


Does your program teach natural birth control methods?

No. While getting more in tune with your cycles and what is happening in each phase will give you deeper insights into your own fertility cycles, natural birth control methods is not actively taught on the program. If this is what you are specifically seeking then this program is not for you.


I have endometriosis - can your program help?

Our program can definitely help you live more in harmony with your menstrual cycle. If you are open to healing your relationship with your endometriosis this program could help. Book a clarity call to find out what is right for you.

The Investment

Starting from $500 per month

Weekly coaching calls (45 min)

+ Personalised notes & guidance after each session