So what exactly is IAMGODDESS & what outcomes can I expect?

IAMGODDESS is a 3 part masterclass series to awaken your inner pleasure pulse, & unleash your wildly sexy & ravishingly radiant inner Goddess! ;) 

So that you can make 2017 your most bestest favourite year yet! 

The workshops are specifically designed to awaken your sexual & creative centres (i.e your breasts, ovaries, womb, & pussy) -

(Because they aren't just cancer bombs waiting to go off you know, they are actually the store houses of your best ideas, your true north and unbounded amounts of joy, pleasure & magnetism.

This is the workshop you wish you'd had in high school where you actually learn how to enjoy and love your body rather than fear/ control/ shame her.)

The Practicalities 

>> We will meet for 3 x 90 minute online workshops over the first 6 weeks of 2017 - one every 2 weeks. They will be roughly around the New & Full Moons in Jan & Feb (dates & times of tele-classes to be confirmed but will likely be UK evening or weekend).

>> ‘We’ is you and I and all the other miraculous goddesses who join the series. 

>> Each week you will learn a new practice and there will be a new theme, and in between classes you will have practices to do (but don’t worry cos its less than 5 minutes a day).

What results can I expect?

>> During and after the 6 weeks you will awaken to some of the most bountiful amounts of joy, pleasure, natural sexiness, love & feminine power you may have ever experienced in your life.

>> You may even start to have more orgasms or more intense ones! 

>> You will glow with radiance and feel a pulsing of magnetic energy flowing through your body that attracts all those uber cool experiences you want to flower your life.

>> You will know trust and love yourself, you will know exactly what moves to make in your life, you will feel loved and encouraged enough to fully be you, nofucksgiven, noapologiesmade.

Class Syllabus 

Class 1 is 'Reclaiming the Pleasure of the Breasts’ - you will learn Breast Massage for healing, pleasure, rapture & manifestation.

Class 2 is ‘Awakening your Sexual Centre’ - you will learn the Honey Pot meditation for rejuvenating & releasing stagnant emotions stored in your womb/ ovaries/ pussy.

Class 3 is ‘Radiating Rapture from Within’ - you will learn the Inner Smile practice specifically designed to create joy & love in every cell of your being & infuse your life with happiness.



Each week you will also learn & practice the 3 essential tools of sisterhood: celebrations, clearing & desires.

Having your power & greatness reflected back to you in a circle of women confirms to your soul how worthy of love you are and how possible a life at 10 really is.

And that’s a big deal for old womankind, we’ve got this collective story of the ‘the woman who…’, ‘or the group of girls who…’.

It’s time to clear that once and for all and redefine what female relationships are really about.

You know, so we can stop perpetuating the patriarchy and that, and show Donald that #pussygrabsback.


"If we're too fabulous, other women won't like us” is and old and boring story that we’ll be throwing out the window with our underpants.


So how does that sound to you? A good bit of Taoist & Tantric wisdom mixed with a sound dose of pleasure & some feminine sisterhood magic to get 2017 off on the right tracks?

Sounds pretty good to me.

Sounds frikin amazing to SHE (#pussy)! 

And here's a few more descriptors of IAMGODDESS to really tantalise your taste buds...

- IAMGODDESS is an adventure into the brilliance stored within your female-ness, an experience, that when undertaken, opens doorways to frequencies of rapture long forgotten by our Mothers & Grandmothers & Great Grandmothers - it is our birthright to reclaim these.

- IAMGODDESS is about radiating glittery gold rainbow light from every cell of your body, having those joybeams reflected back to you & rejoicing together in the display of woman glory before our very eyes.

- IAMGODDESS is about you becoming YOU, she becoming SHE and we becoming WE.

If you’re ready to join the revolution you can do so right here...

I’ve made it super affordable so you don’t even have to second guess your Pussy as she reaches for the “sign me up button’ right now!

So if you don’t want to end up at June wondering where half the year went and why it hasn’t been your special one yet - then come join us, we're waiting!

P.S. And if you really want to treat yourself this New Year you can upgrade to receive a 90 minute private session with me where together we will map out exactly what 2017 is about for you (it’s a bargain!) - just select ‘iamgoddess upgrade’ at the checkout. For the 3 part masterclass series only select ‘iamgoddess basic’.

See you on the inside Goddess!

Love Keeley xxx :-)

P.S. I've you've got any questions just email me at & I'll be happy to help!


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