You knew that was coming didn’t you?

Join this class and I’ll magic all your problems away as soon as you wire some nice hard cash to my account...

It’s not like that. Well, it kind of is... Here’s why:

a life at 10 requires a different paradigm than a life at 6.5 - which is why a good amount of willpower & gusto rarely works...

But there are only 2 requirements for long lasting change to occur:

#1 - an internal change (i love myself/ new behaviour)
#2 - external reflection that given change is ok (you still belong/ you’re still loved/ you’re still safe)

And since most of us grow up with SO many messages that our full & free expressions is NOT ok, we find ourselves stuck in stubborn patterns for years on end.

We’re generally taught that it's not safe or acceptable to... be a woman/ be sexy/ be successful/ be free/ have more money than we need/ travel the world/ take the road less travelled/ start a business etc...

Most people spend years working at #1, but they never have a community or relationships to reflect back to them that their full new vibrant expression is ok, so they always revert back to baseline. Back to a 6.5.

Our outer worlds are reflections of our inner worlds and vice versa.


In IAMGODDESS we’ve got both points covered:

>> you learn practical tools and techniques that create an internal environment of unconditional self-love & unabashed creative self-expression (which your genius thrives in),

>> as well as the external reflection from the group that you are, in all of your human-ness, loved and honoured and revered and adored.


Sounds fabulous doesn’t it?

It is!

So by now you’re probably wondering 'so how does it actually work?’, and if you keep reading, all will be revealed...