Hello sunshine ray of light!


Do you want to make 2017 your most bestest favourite year yet? Of course you do!

What exactly is it that you really want for yourself this coming year?

>> Is it a killer job you've had your eye on?

>> To start your system shattering, word changing creative genius business venture?

>> Do you want to get your sexy on? Feel more energised?

>> Take that life altering adventure you've had on the back burner?

>> Maybe you want to stop scampering away your hard earned cash and get some investments under your belt?

>> Or take your relationship(s) to the next level of amazing? 


Well it's definitely possible for you sister. I can see it now...


Imagine if 2017 is the year you let your #pussy run the show -


The year you finally arrive, unleashed - fully - completely - wholly - at the gateway to your life, you ride in wearing a full on crown on a white horse (or unicorn) donned in Pleaser stilettos and your animal print outfit of choice.

Magic staff in hand of course, followed by an army of matriarchal biker-tribe women like in Mad Max Fury Road...

Or not. Maybe.

Whatever your version of the above is^...

Sounds great doesn't it? Sounds like a good lot of fun times - feeling like a hot sexy goddess, all alive & radiant & full of vibrant juicyness.


You'd be sparkling away magnetising all the cool shit you want to happen in your life.

'Living the dream' as they say...